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The Steele Legacy - Gen 3.2

It's no longer the weekend. :( I suck, I know. Real life's kicking my ass. But I have a nice update for you all. 85ish pictures. A fair share of nudity, swearing is always on the menu. You have been warned. :)


Aliens and witch doctors and babies, oh my!Collapse )
I'm so so so so so sorry! My birthday was the 14th, and then we went on vacation and I haven't had a chance to get the next chapter of the Steele's up. I'm about halfway through editing the photos. I should have something by weeks end!

Bad Lily! *smack*

My first upload!

I've dabbled in custom content, but I'm not really good at it. (Fun fact, I made Celeste's Top Gun shirt in the last update.) Someone requested a mesh converted and they were lucky enough to get a link to it. Unfortunately the colours and textures were abysmal, so I redid it! And people liiiiiiiiiiiked it. :D :D :D Here's a link for anyone who wants to see it. :D

The Steele Legacy - Gen 3.1


I promised I'd have a post up soon! This is 70-ish pictures of the kids in college. Everyone is naked. I swear a lot. Enjoy! Sorry the last two pictures are so big, photobucket's being a douche and won't let me resize them.

Gen 3.1 - What's a Steele post without a little violence?Collapse )

The Steele Legacy - Gen 2 Spares


Barrett was kind of the favourite to win the Gen. 2 heir race, but he lost to his sister, Bridgette, by 3 points. I couldn't let him or Belle rot in the SimBin, so here's an itty-bitty spares post. Think of it as the hors d'oeuvre to the main course.

Just 9 pictures. I told you it was small.Collapse )


Edit: I totally just realized that I love Collette because she looks just like her cousin Celeste. :P


Photobucket Photobucket

May. 17th, 2008

Gen 3 is almost through college, so there should be a legacy update soon! I've also got a mini-update focusing on Barrett and Belle. It's mostly just a photoshoot, but I thought you'd all like to see Barrett's sexy ass kids. I've just got to resize the photos and that'll be up. Just letting you all know I'm not dead. :D

The Steele Legacy - Gen 2.3

Okay, super mega huge update today. I wanted to get all the kids into college, and then there was a shit-ton of drama and here we are.


No seriously, 160+ pictures, nudity, swearing, birth, death, and the fuzz under the cut.

Gen 2.3 - It's all hereCollapse )

A legacy post from me, your perpetually late SimGoddess. I could make excuses, but they won't even matter until next update. I'll just tease you with the upcoming drama. And now, onward! Sim nudity, swearing, and Oedipus complexes under the cut. 90ish pictures.

Gen 2.2-The women in this legacy are always so chilly.Collapse )

The Steele Legacy Gen 2.1


This is just a short update, only about 60 pics, because I'm suffering from some sort of bubonic plague derivative. So yeah, just get the kids through college so I can nap. Nudity, swearing, and lulz under the cut.

Gen 2.1 - Oh yeah, they're Abi's.Collapse )

The Steele Legacy Gen 1.2

Welcome back to the Steele legacy. We've got a great little update today. And relatively timely too!


80+ pictures under the cut. No nudity in this one. Swearing is a distinct possibility.

Gen 1.2 - The one where all that boring 'growing up' happens.Collapse )